Rewire Your Brain

Within our brains is a technology that like a computer can reprogram our brain to usher in our fondest desires…….our DNA is the software, and we are the driver of our bus!

Bold Rants, Inspirational Raves & Poems, by Krista

Scientists are finding that our brains can be rewired . . . we can break unwanted habits, and create a life we designed and built with the help of our magnificent muscle – the human brain.

95 % of our DNA is quantum – connected to All that Is – and we can reprogram it as we like. But first it must be activated. Desire is the activation code, our imagination is the vehicle, and directed meditation opens the doorway into our imagination placing us directly in the drivers-seat.

What lights your desire. What keeps your flame of desire burning?

Einstein, Socrates, and other great minds throughout history used directed meditation to unlock their genius, and download technology and information from the future. Einstein created “thought experiments” where he entered a meditative state he called a “nap” and imagined what it would be like to ride on a quasar going the speed of light. He imagined it in vivid detail – how it looked…

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Living the Life You Imagnined

What are your wildest imaginings? Would you like to live that life right now?

For one moment, suspend your belief, and pretend that it is possible to live the life you have dreamt of. If you were to watch a movie of your dream life, in living color and vivid life-like detail, what would that life look like?

I bet that in your movie you’re debt free and have money in the bank. I’m sure you, your family and your pets are healthy and happy and secure. You probably smile for no reason, and often.

Hopefully, you learned to prioritize correctly, placing at the top of your list: living in joy, connecting with people you love, and helping those in need – and at the bottom of your list: money, possessions, and winning at all costs.

You will have money, possessions, and you definitely will win, but to place those needs above happiness, good health, and people that love and support you is often times to sacrifice the latter.

If we place love and kindness, and being generous with our time and money above all else, then money, security, and material possessions show up in perfect time.

We must participate, work hard and smart, and have the courage to take our next purposeful step, but we cannot live without friends that are there for us in the tough times, family that puts up with our bad behavior and loves us anyway, and a sense of joy and happiness that keeps us buoyant as life drags us down.

No one escapes life’s tough blows, but when we armor ourselves with the tools of real strength, then we are able to pop back up after being knocked down. Life is easier when our outlook is sunny.

Life becomes a heavy burden when our spirits are low, or we are depressed.

One undeniable fact is: life takes tremendous work. We are in an endless cycle of work from birth to death. So why not choose to live our dream life instead of a mediocre life? We might as well have fun.

David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

We make choices in every moment. The majority of our choices are unconscious and automatic based on our core beliefs. Belief can be changed, and we then respond differently as a result.

Our imagination is our doorway into the divine. You hold the only key. Locked inside your own magical garden is found every possibility, and you get to create whatever you desire – it’s a blank canvas. No one is judging or condemning and you are free to be yourself , , , you are safe.

Visit your dream self by journeying into your imagination – go on an exhilarating vacation into a world you designed and built. It can be decorated with moose antler chandeliers, or draped in pink velvet petunias. You can create a peaceful life of fulfillment and love, built in the horn of plenty, in the city that calls to you. You have all the power. Go wild!

Take a trip into your fondest desires to live the life you’ve imagined, and soon it will be evidenced in your real life . . . called your reality.

Thank you, Thoreau!

Our Need to Feel Important

In the quest to feel important in this world, we sometimes do harm.

T.S. Elliot said, “Half of the harm done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They do not mean to do harm, but the harm does not concern them.”

What is it about importance, and our need to be, or to feel important that causes us to act in harmful ways? We posses almost a pathological need to be seen as important in the eyes of our parents, our teachers, our priests, our piers, our partners, our children, and so on.

What if we had come into this life already feeling important and no one could ever con us into believing that we weren’t? What would a world look like in which 50 % less harm was done?

We would have 50 % more time to have fun, and to explore our lives. We would undoubtedly have more money since a good deal of what we buy has to do with us feeling more important.

We would be healthier in mind and body – many ailments stem from our own personal beliefs and are not grounded in fact – we worry ourselves sick over what someone might think about us, when they probably are not thinking about us at all.

How liberating would it be to live free, not caring about what others thought of us? How many world changing ideas weren’t voiced because we thought we would look silly, how many inspired words were left unsaid because we feared that someone might think poorly of us?

If we lived life boldly, seeking the pinnacle of our being, and living to our highest potential, would that transform our world, our governments, and our communities?

We are the only one we can change, and all change begins with us. You are important! More than you will ever know.

What you do in life, or do not do, will have no bearing on whether you feel important. What we believe ourselves to be comes from within us – our feelings are connected to our beliefs. Change your belief to “I am important” and your fears of unimportance will disappear.

Grant importance to strangers, see yourself as important, and retrain your brain to see importance in every person, and suddenly you will be seen as important, too. We often gain the rights we grant to others.

See others as you would have them see you: as important. Because everyone on earth has importance, and when we can recognize importance in others, we will recognize it in ourselves.