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At age 53, I have been recreating myself for 23 years - my posts reflect what I have encountered, and the lessons I've learned. I am a writer, a poet, and an artist, and a humanitarian. Politically, I am a HUMANIST, involved in the taking back of this Divine earth we live on, for ALL humans to enjoy. The malevolent energy blanketing earth for eons time has come to be exposed and transmuted into the light of our Creator. Earth is a giant TESLA coil (a quantum generator) and I believe we HUMANS are mini tesla coils (mini quantum generators) YOU are powerful beyond measure or comprehension. I have awakened, and I remember WHO I AM. A one~of~a~kind god~soul Being magnificent and loved by my Creator, and so are all humans. I am here to restore earth to our Creator's original blueprint, as well as my human body, and all life upon this earth plane, such as plants & animals (and our food which is now literally poison) by living FEARLESSLY & IN JOY! We are all creating our lives anew in every moment . . . what I am creating and pondering currently, and what I am attracting, I offer to you. LOve IS our liberator, and WE are CHRIST ENERGY! No need to be "saved" by anyone, for the return of the Master Christ, is each human awakening to our birthright of God with IN. Christ energy. Get UP off your KNEES! No loving Creator would EVER ask you to worship them on your knees! THAT is a false Creator, a pretender, a liar. GET UP NOW! Free yourself! . . . the power to do so is with you where you stand on earth right now, and it goes where you go, and can never be removed from your Being. Peace is possible for our world! Believe it. Please join me on my blog, *Bold Rants and Inspirational Raves, and Poetry, by Krista* Thank you for visiting my *Free Fiction* blog! peace and love sent your wayyyyyyyyyy

Think 6 Impossibilities Into Possibility Every Day

Source: Think 6 Impossibilities Into Possibility Every Day


Campaign: Help Stop the World Bank’s Takeover of Farmers’ Right to Seeds — Global Justice Ecology Project

REBLOGGED: STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING, WORLD BANK! GREED SUCKS 😦 The following letter writing campaign challenges the World Bank’s takeover of farmers’ right to seeds. The email address to sign on wi…

Source: Campaign: Help Stop the World Bank’s Takeover of Farmers’ Right to Seeds — Global Justice Ecology Project

Do NOT Get Even, Do NOT Get Mad: Just CHANGE IT!

Do NOT get even, do NOT get mad: just CHANGE IT! That is my motto in life as I see deplorable, despicable happening’s on earth. I know that my angry, fearful feelings will attract more of what I do NOT want. I also know that my uplifting, transformative feelings are attracting more of what I DO want. So I give my attention to the solutions, and then I expect those solutions to easily show up in tangible ways.

I never spend my valuable time and energy planning on getting even or getting mad. Instead I simply work to change it into my vision . . . my vision includes every human on earth, and solutions that are equitable for all concerned. I do not consider only myself and mine, since nepotism is not why I am on earth, and is an idea that for me is just more separation: them and us, the game of war and violence, fear and discord of all kinds.

The next time you start to get mad ~ even if you realize only after you are enraged ~ decide to switch your train of thought to finding the simple solutions and calm states of being regardless of the source or perceived cause of your troubles.

It is not easy to accomplish at first, but it can be simple if we allow it. Ease can also be the delivery method for your desires, dreams, and needs. But switching your path is a must . . . you cannot get to joy, peace, and wellness from anger, rage, and self victimization. You will need to travel the path to your purpose and fulfillment one step at a time.

In the 19th century poet, Goethe’s poem, “Intention and Creation”, he speaks about our need to make a firm decision, and then our strong  intention causes Providence to move matter (things, ideas, opportunities, and people) into our path that never would have shown up in our reality without our firm decision ~ firm intention.

Masters though out history have tried to explain esoteric ~ unseen ~ energy and ideas, but earth was still populated with old~energy language and old~energy humans who needed to learn how to figure out and understand futuristic, unknown, seemingly scary or demonic, quantum concepts.

Even today, with humanity’s quantum machines, brilliant minds, ever evolving DNA, our amazing brains, and the human meat based robot, we are only now emerging from the spiritual dark ages into the infancy of our spiritual awakening. This will culminate in a mass awakening, however not for some time, and that leaves a small group of dedicated driven humans ~ even if unwilling ~ to endeavor that dream and never~ever~quit~EVER!

Humans are entangled in an ocean of Oneness, and that is God, which we each are a part of. We individuated from Oneness and are each imbued with gifts galore given from our Creator~Source~Energy. Whatever you call that . . . God, or by another name, it matters not the marks made on a page or the sounds and tones of our words we use to describe our Creator. It is the mark of an infant mind to argue over such trivial subjects, in the process ignoring the greater picture and grandeur meant for us all to partake in.

Every thing we place our eyes on is God~Source~Creator~Energy. You are that. I am that. Every speck of matter, antimatter, and all else we yet have no idea of, is that same Energy~Source~Creator! We are all so very alike, and at the same time absolutely unique in all of earth’s history there is only one of you. Your soul lives on eternally ~ no beginning no end ~ but this you, *Bob* or *Sue*, will never again be, nor has ever been.

Wars are fought in the name of difference. The “them and us” game of violence and fear, greed and profiteering, suppression and secrecy. It is time for Humanity to play a game of equality for all, led by Love and kindness, joy and genius realized for all, valued and appreciated each and every single one. No “ism’s” or “ist’s” . . . the labels other humans use as barriers in the separation game to minimize and demoralize fellow humans, in the name of God no less! All that Is: God, cares not for infantile games, needless drama, and hypocritical thinking.

Be the change you wish to see made manifest in your world. It is so simple. Love heals, love is powerful, love is the only reality. All else is unreal, temporal, and finite. Free will is law, and states, that in every moment we choose the contents of our reality by way of our thoughts and emotions, and what is unseen is more powerful than our earthly reality, so choose wisely, and do not squander your gift by setting your creation mechanism on default and status quo.

You are a magnificent creator! Take your place at your Father~Mothers table of love and forgiveness, grace and gratitude, genius and grandeur. All R WelCome In the club of Infinite Oneness.

In Love……….keep on exploring 🙂