Rewire Your Brain

Within our brains is a technology that like a computer can reprogram our brain to usher in our fondest desires…….our DNA is the software, and we are the driver of our bus!

Bold Rants, Inspirational Raves & Poems, by Krista

Scientists are finding that our brains can be rewired . . . we can break unwanted habits, and create a life we designed and built with the help of our magnificent muscle – the human brain.

95 % of our DNA is quantum – connected to All that Is – and we can reprogram it as we like. But first it must be activated. Desire is the activation code, our imagination is the vehicle, and directed meditation opens the doorway into our imagination placing us directly in the drivers-seat.

What lights your desire. What keeps your flame of desire burning?

Einstein, Socrates, and other great minds throughout history used directed meditation to unlock their genius, and download technology and information from the future. Einstein created “thought experiments” where he entered a meditative state he called a “nap” and imagined what it would be like to ride on a quasar going the speed of light. He imagined it in vivid detail – how it looked…

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