Book 1~Ch.3~Adventures in the Crystal Cave

Book 1~Ch.3~Adventures in the Crystal Cave.


2 thoughts on “Book 1~Ch.3~Adventures in the Crystal Cave

  1. This looks good 🙂 But, you do know that vegetarians don’t eat salad for breakfast, right?
    I just didn’t understand why you said that in your story. Vegetarians and vegans have toast or cereal, just like anyone else. They just have vegan milk and vegan butter. They even have fry ups.
    I’m sure you knew this, I just felt the need to ask.
    Brilliant story.
    Best wishes,
    Love xx

    1. Hi Amanad 🙂
      I actually am a vegan, and eat salads for my am meal around 11, which I do think is funny, and not normal ~ haha …….once I gave up gluten and most grains, my toast and cereal went out the window.
      Thank you for reading it, and commenting! I appreciate that 🙂
      xoxo Krista

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