Our Need to Feel Important

In the quest to feel important in this world, we sometimes do harm.

T.S. Elliot said, “Half of the harm done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They do not mean to do harm, but the harm does not concern them.”

What is it about importance, and our need to be, or to feel important that causes us to act in harmful ways? We posses almost a pathological need to be seen as important in the eyes of our parents, our teachers, our priests, our piers, our partners, our children, and so on.

What if we had come into this life already feeling important and no one could ever con us into believing that we weren’t? What would a world look like in which 50 % less harm was done?

We would have 50 % more time to have fun, and to explore our lives. We would undoubtedly have more money since a good deal of what we buy has to do with us feeling more important.

We would be healthier in mind and body – many ailments stem from our own personal beliefs and are not grounded in fact – we worry ourselves sick over what someone might think about us, when they probably are not thinking about us at all.

How liberating would it be to live free, not caring about what others thought of us? How many world changing ideas weren’t voiced because we thought we would look silly, how many inspired words were left unsaid because we feared that someone might think poorly of us?

If we lived life boldly, seeking the pinnacle of our being, and living to our highest potential, would that transform our world, our governments, and our communities?

We are the only one we can change, and all change begins with us. You are important! More than you will ever know.

What you do in life, or do not do, will have no bearing on whether you feel important. What we believe ourselves to be comes from within us – our feelings are connected to our beliefs. Change your belief to “I am important” and your fears of unimportance will disappear.

Grant importance to strangers, see yourself as important, and retrain your brain to see importance in every person, and suddenly you will be seen as important, too. We often gain the rights we grant to others.

See others as you would have them see you: as important. Because everyone on earth has importance, and when we can recognize importance in others, we will recognize it in ourselves.


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